Pads & Cents

Save, Secure & Invest in your future

Pads and Cents is a programme developed by Mimi Women to help young girls save, secure and invest in their own future.

It is an in-house enterprise development programme that was developed when CEO and Founder of Mimi women Ramona Kasavan realised she was not saving her money as she should. With this as the backbone, the concept for Pads and Cents was created specifically for women with little or no formal education as well as women affected by unemployment in South Africa’s historically disadvantaged communities.

This initiative is set to cultivate a mind-set of independence whilst creating opportunities for young women to empower themselves.From this program, we desire to create business women, entrepreneurs and change makers, rather than employees or frustrated job-seekers.

Pads and Cents EDP recruits young girls from all walks of life with one desire; to create a future with infinite possibilities for themselves. We train them for a 6-month period, equipping them with business skills, financial management knowledge, the fundamental principles of starting a business, requesting funding or support and putting in place a marketing strategy; among other things.

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