What We Do

Keeping girls in school

Mimi, formally known as Happy Days, is a proudly South African brand. Locally-produced sanitary pads that are distributed among historically disadvantaged communities, to help keep girls in school.

Research shows that young girls are missing days at school during menstruation because the homes that they come from cannot afford to buy or provide them with clean, hygienic sanitary towels, each month. Rather than facing the discomfort of going to schools that do not have functioning ablution blocks for use during this time, girls elect to sit at home and go through the cycle using a banana leaf, tissue, or sit on top of a bucket filled with dirty water.

It is for these reasons that Mimi was formed. A social enterprise and SA’s first and only female-owned sanitary pads company. Mimi has its origins in rural KwaZulu-Natal, where the founder and CEO, Ramona Kasavan, grew up, witnessing first-hand the challenges that young women in rural communities faced.

As a collective, we aim to help keep young girls in school, where they can be free from stigma, and safe from engaging in illicit vices… because an educated young girl, becomes an empowered woman tomorrow.

We strive to work hard every day to address the high levels of absenteeism in schools, and the subsequent early exit of female learners from the formal education system.

We teach girls to stand tall, stay in school, focus on their dreams and believe in themselves, their dreams and their future.

CSI was the initial phase of the business. The business model employed was where sponsors purchased our sanitary pads distributed to schools identified by the donors. In less than 3 years, we have:

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